About Joyce

Joyce Tilney, Author of Why Diets Don’t Work and Founder of Women of God Ministries, is a wife, mother and grandmother.

Through her practical teaching and humor, women’s lives are changed as they understand their role and identity as a woman of God. Her open and candid teaching style shares personal experiences that impart hope and encouragement for your daily walk as you face the trials of life. She confronts the daily challenges of attitudes— bitterness, worries, jealousy and rejection—issues that stop us from walking in the peace and joy the Lord has promised.

Joyce and her husband Bill lived and ministered in Scotland for 11 years. During this time they pioneered two churches and she began Women of God Ministries. Traveling throughout Europe and Asia she knows and understands that the heart of a woman does not change from culture to culture or century to century. Joyce teaches in seminars and conference for women as well as traveling with her husband, Bill, team teaching from their rich experience in ministry, family life and marriage.

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