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This review is from: Why Diets Don’t Work: Food Is Not The Problem (Paperback)


Oh, how my heart needed this book. You know those little “God moments” I’ve talked about before?

Yeah, this book brought a big one.
The very first sentence of the book…the devil wants you fat. I know, right?

How powerful is that? At least it was for me. I’ve read that sentence time after time and wondered how I never saw that before. As I worked my way through the first chapter of the book, I realized this was going to be a life-changer. So I grabbed a pen and a highlighter and went back to the beginning. Notes, underlining and highlighting fill this book. So so so so many AMAZING points. Once I started reading it, I could hardly put it down. I ended up bookmarking nearly every other page since so much of what I read agreed with my spirit.

This book would be a great read if you’ve had a similar struggle to mine.

Actually, this book is a great read for every woman. So many points that I never would have thought of on my own.

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