Book Review – Why The Problem Is Not Food

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Chances are you have tried a diet of some sort or at least given much thought to one.  Joyce Tilney has tried & come up empty on the attempts.

Through each attempt, what she realized more & more was that food was not her main issue but that all along it was identity implications & not believing the truth.

Tilney writes with great biblical proportions and uses the bible to reveal why people chase one diet fad after another, only to come up still searching & chasing.

It is evident in this book that Joyce Tilney has come to crave the power of the Holy Spirit more than any food type. This is vitally important and strategic to overcome any struggle in life.

The reader will find that Joyce Tilney learned what it means to yield to the Spirit, believe the truth and allow God to dictate her desires.

Her book will empower & open up the eyes of people who are trying to walk in their own power but need the reality of relying on the Holy Spirit for strength, conviction and comfort.

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