Diet is an Ugly Word …

bigstock-Attractive-Frustrated-Hispanic-32609117To most of us we connect the word DIET to sacrifice.  We get nervous; we think we have to GIVE UP everything good to eat.  Our will power fades fast and we head to the refrigerator to get some comfort food!!

Diet means what we eat.  Everyone is on a diet.  We have bought into the world’s idea of a diet and panic as we read their rules.  It is impossible to follow the rules of the world and win.  They are created to make money and whatever deceptive way they can sell you something the better for them, not you.

As a child of God we have a helper, the Holy Spirit, to reveal to us God’s plan for each one of us.  It will always be for our good. The world’s focus is on food, God’s focus is on you!

At what point does the out-of-shape believer stand in front of a mirror and think, I must with the help of God do something about this body that was created in His image and is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit?

Diet books are a dime a dozen.  They tell you what to eat and what not to eat. They all claim to have the answer to your problem.  There is only one answer to the world’s dieting problems and it will not be found in a book, but in a person—Jesus Christ. He is our ultimate example of how to live an excellent life in this dark world.

Why Diets don’t work is not another dieting book.  It is not a how-to manual.    It is not a diet plan, it is a battle plan. We have an enemy, the same enemy that tempted Eve in the garden is still trying to deceive us with food.   It is a natural target; we must have food to survive.

I truly believe that this is a life or death battle.

Every day we face choices of right and wrong, good and evil.

Every day we face the enemy telling us we can’t change or that we don’t need to change.  Is there a greater lie than thinking you can change?  The great truth is, the power to change lies in the One who created you.

The battle is not yours, my friend, it never was!

After years of struggling with my weight I gave up trying to do it my way!  When I heard the words, “break the habit,” I had to take a good look at my body, how I had treated my body and admit that I was addicted to food.  What a great day of freedom!  It starts with honesty.  When you are honest with God, He then has something to work with!

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