I highly recommend this book to all believers who desire to walk in the spiritual and physical health that God has destined for us. This book is not a politically correct diet plan for those who want an easy way to lose weight; it is in fact a detailed strategy guide to combat the devil’s intentions, meant to keep us from fulfilling God’s design for our lives.
This is an inspirational  book filled with daily health food for your spirit and soul. Come and dine!

Alta Hatcher
Director of Healing Ministries
Christ For The Nations Institute
Dallas, TX

I’ve known Joyce many years. She’s been a real encouragement to me both in ministry and personally. It never ceases to amaze me at the insight and revelation of God’s Word which is consistently released into her life by the Holy Spirit of God. She hears and understands the voice of the Lord and the timing of releasing the revelation into the lives of others.

“Why Diet’s Don’t Work” is yet another valuable tool and revelation we all need to understand about dieting. Overeating does not start with food, but understanding our inner need for food and how the enemy works overtime in trying to keep us from seeing the truth of its origin.

Thank you Joyce for releasing the revelation you have received to those who struggle with their weight, including myself. Now is the time and season to allow the Lord to use this book and its revelation to break the chains which keep us from overcoming in this area of our lives.

Linda Patton
Seedtime & Harvest
London, England

As we go through this journey we call life we come across people that I consider divine appointments. Joyce Tilney was one of those divine appointments in my life. I first met her as she came to my publishing company and was seeking advice for writing several books that were in her heart to publish.

We were friends right then and there. Joyce is a woman of incredible character, strength, and great wisdom, but like many of us she struggled with a weight problem. Like Joyce, I too had weight issues as I got older, and I began to hold back in the ministry call on my life. I hadn’t seen Joyce in a great while and one day she showed up at my door. We got caught up on all of the lost time and then she told me of a new book she had written, Why Diets Don’t Work.

Now, here is a book you simply must read! As I read, the realization of where I was at with my weight issues became so clear and I became focused. I felt the victory finally for the first time in my life and I hadn’t done anything but read! I knew from this book, Why Diets Don’t Work, how to get the victory that had eluded me all these years. From the first chapter where she states, “The Devil wants you fat!” my eyes were open, my heart was ready, and my body was about to be changed into a healthy temple for God.

The message in this book can heal the emotional scars, the broken hearts and the weight issues of your life. She reveals the power of the Holy Spirit to focus you on God’s Word with “revelation.” She explains in the book how you are a “servant of your choices.” She has so many wonderful thoughts and ideas that she shares freely that you find yourself sighing a breath of fresh air because you are understanding the cause, the defeat and the tremendous solutions to end the weight nightmare for the rest of your life. Joyce makes it clear it is not a contest about losing pounds; it is about a life journey learning to make right choices with the benefit of losing weight.

It is not often that a publisher and editor will give forwards to books, but I simply must with Why Diets Don’t Work. It is an answer to what ails you. It is a winner not only in the weight battle, but in walking in the Spirit of God with great peace and victory in all areas of your life. Joyce has written a book we can all benefit from even if we don’t have weight issues. She has written how to walk with the Lord in total victory in your life!

Susan K. Reidel
Logos to Rhema Publishing
Tulsa, Ok